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2009-10-01 17:29:18 by Donzy

I discovered this account by stumbling upon my tutorial on platform games... YEY! I used to be Zeldork, now I am once again DONZY!

Well, this is it...

2009-02-06 23:53:18 by Donzy new Newgrounds account! I decided I wanted a new username and since I was a low level, I might as well just make a new account. There are flash movies and games soon to come, but don't worry! If you would like to access my old flashes such as:
Zelda I: A Hero is Born
Stinkoman Rules!
Sonic Scene Creator 2.0
or The Crazy Button!

Go to my old profile and if you see a flash called Zelda II: 32 Bits of Fury, and the name is "Donzy", it's ok, I made it. (Even though the first movie is on Bigboo2315)

Thank you for your time.
Evan Prichard (Donzy)